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keszegeteszeget: magicalandsomeweirdhometours: In 2002, a flood in Prague caused some streets to collapse into a series of unknown underground tunnels. And just like that, a legit 16th cent. alchemist laboratory was discovered. 10 years of discovery, repair, and restoration later, it’s now open for tours. On the outside, only a house was visible and it was used as a pharmacy in its time. Alchemists were notoriously secretive, so none but those on the inside knew about the tunnel system below where potions were made. A room dedicated to herb storage. Many of the herbs in the potions came from China and India. The house was conveniently located by major trade routes. Notice an alligator (or croc/caiman) above the left side. There were lots of stuffed animals, bottles, and books. Since few people in Europe had ever seen alligators/crocodiles, they were said to be the bodies of dragons, and were thought to guard the alchemists. The alchemists were so secretive, they did everything themselves, down to making the glassware for their elixirs.A stone in the wall that covered a hidden vault in the underground tunnels. Historians uncovered that it held a single bottle of ‘The Elixir of Life’ and the recipes for it, and the elixirs of love and memory. This bookcase is an exact replica of the original, which was too damaged to restore. A statue on the right side (in the dark area on the third shelf from the top) is the door knob/switch to a secret sliding door. Monks now recreate the elixirs exactly as detailed in the instructions and each of the elixirs (and blends!) are for sale in their shop. The only change is that the Elixir of Life does not contain opium as is instructed, since it’s now illegal. http://asthecroweflies.co/ The best place in Krakow is Alchemia. It looks like a cosy living room, but also has a crocodile hanging above the bar.Alchemia

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